A True Italian Experience

From Isabella thie ice cream trike, we serve award-winning traditional ice cream, which is available in a wide range of flavours. 

Our dairy gelato range is produced the same way as they do in Italian parlours. Made with natural flavours, fruit pulps and plenty of cream gives the ice cream the smoothest and tastiest flavour. The ice creams are made in a way which incorporates less air allowing the flavours to be more intense, just as the true taste of Italian ice creams. All sorbets are made with natural and pure fruit pulps. At least 50% is fruit pulp to give the best taste possible. 

A good range of flavours produced the same was as they do in southern Italy and in Sicily.

Florianna our fried rolled ice cream machine provides a more elborate spectacle and a bit of a show. Liquid ice cream is poured onto her and whilst she begins to freeze you add your flavours, fresh fruit, hazelnut chocolate spread, biscuits - whatever you prefer, then watch as I work my magic to turn those contents into a rolled gelato delight. 

If you would like to book Isabella or Florianna then please get in touch.

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