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The Fried Rolled Ice Cream Machine

Florianna is a machine which freezes fries your liquid ice cream at which point you add any flavour you like - watch the ice cream forming before your eyes, then rolled and added with sauces, toppings and cream - all to your specific liking.

Packages begin from £295 for 90mins hire (additional hours by agreement). In 90 mins you can get approximately 30 ice creams made. You can choose up to 5 additional flavours (any fresh fruit, any sort of biscuit or chocolate bar, Nutella or even coffee).

With all packages you will have you own personal ice cream teller serving up you chosen rolled ice cream. 

Prices are dependent on your location, number of guests, the number of hours the bike is required for and your ice cream requirements.

Areas Covered

Northampton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham & London

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